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Reflective Trails

Reflective Trails are downloadable files which provide multi-sensory, interactive experiences for pupils. Written by Janet Lunt and Catherine Coster, the Trails provide situations for pupils to reflect on their RE learning and some of the issues addressed. They could be set up in a local church by church members for the school, or could be used in school. Each download contains instructions for a series of 'stations' and resources to print out and to create the areas. Download now to enhance your pupils' learning from religion.

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01- Star Trail (Christmas) - Reflective Trails

A delightful trail to encourage pupils to reflect on the Christmas story, explore the meaning of Christmas and reflect on their own life journey.


02 - Leaders and followers - Reflective Trails

A multi-sensory, interactive trail for pupils to use to reflect on ideas and models of leadership, using Jesus and inspirational Christians.



02a - Following Jesus today - sample from Leaders and followers - Reflective Trails

Following Jesus today is a free sample taken from the Leaders and followers trail.


03- Peace - Prayer trail (Reflective trails)

The Peace Prayer Trail is designed for pupils in Key Stage 2-3.



04 An Interactive Lord's Prayer Trail (Reflective trails)

This multi-sensory, interactive Lord’s Prayer Trail is designed for Key Stage 2 pupils.



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